9 Strategies For Becoming an Olympic Entrepreneur

Research reveals that effective Olympic athletes share nine characteristics. As you’re watching the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, China I recognized that effective entrepreneurs share exactly the same characteristics. Let’s examine these traits.


Just like an Olympic athlete is devoted to maintaining your body fit and becoming and remaining towards the top of their sport, a business owner should be focused on the company and also to living the existence of the entrepreneur. Passion is exactly what feeds dedication. If there’s no desire for the kind of products or services you’re offering, dedication will ultimately wane. Dedication is a continuing, everyday factor effective Olympic athletes don’t loose their dedication following the Olympic games are gone. No, they continue to be dedicated to allow them to compete a later date. Effective entrepreneurs must remain enthusiastic about their business, day in and day trip, even if their feelings aren’t in complete agreement.


It might be foolish to have an Olympic athlete to even enter competition if they didn’t possess the confidence they might compete effectively and eventually win.

A business owner should be positive about him- or her-self, the service or product they’re offering, and assured within their option to become a business owner. A business owner should have confidence that there’s an excuse for their service or product and they can effectively develop a effective business.

Strength of mindOrdurability

Entrepreneurs are inherently risk takers. That being stated, the opportunity to hold firm inside your resolve to begin and also be a company when confronted with low finances and naysayers requires nerves of steel. If you have a home loan payment due and don’t know where the next client or purchase is originating from, you need to be tough to not break. As you’re watching the women’s lengthy distance running throughout the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, my 86-years old mother and that i were in awe from the strength of mind and resiliency they needed to operate for more than an hour or so. There comes a place in which the body is able to give up and also the mind gets control to assist the athlete mix the conclusion line.