Alkaline Fuel Cell Power to Produce Innovative and Affordable Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is a company that is currently developing their first 4kW power cell system. Their fuel cells use an alkaline fuel cell technique powered by hydrogen that produces zero CO2 emissions to produce electricity. These fuel cells are expected to be available to consumers in 2024. What makes Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s products stand out is that they will be affordable to consumers for residential use, because of their less expensive and more common material parts. The energy storage technology solutions comparable to Alkaline Fuel Cell Power are currently too expensive for home use. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power designs use mostly plastic as well as graphite and nickel, which also enables a high volume of production for these hydrogen-powered micro CHP systems.

The demand for hydrogen is high, having tripled since 1975, and continues to rise. Its current market size is valued at $120 billion. Clean energy has become a serious issue in Europe and there is more and more pressure on governments to take action. In July of 2020, the European Union announced that it will invest $150 billion over ten years into green hydrogen, which is hydrogen generated using only renewable energy.

Hydrogen is one of the most popular ways to store renewable energy as it does not require an infrastructure to transport and can be stored for weeks or months. Hydrogen is generated by electrolyzing water, which is a completely pure process that can use 100% renewable energy. Hydrogen fuel cells do not use combustion in their operation, making them noise and vibration free. Rather than burning fuels, fuel cell technology uses a chemical process and produces only moisture and heat as a by-product. The currently available technology is not enough to meet market expectations, so the demand for zero-emission technologies like hydrogen fuel cells is surpassing supply. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power plans to meet the market demands and supply consumers with an affordable hydrogen fuel cell for residential use.