The strength of Co-Branding

Companies may use co-branding like a leveraging strategy over their competitors. Kevin Keller, author of Proper Branding Management, maintains that brand equity is essentially based on the company understanding produced in consumers’ minds through the supporting program. Here’s a good example of this method. Seeing our last child finish senior high school and progress to […]

How you can Build Up Your Personal Brand at the office

In the present pressured atmosphere, allow me to encourage you to definitely think about your brand. With what follows, we glance at, first, exactly what is a personal brand, how you can be obvious about what you would like your brand to become and, finally, how you can communicate your brand. 1. Exactly what is […]

5 Stages of Effective Brand Building

Creating a brand image is really a main concern with each and every organization. What sort of brand is portrayed, onpar gps are highlighted and also the hype that’s produced around it, determines the prosperity of the company. A brandname goes through five major stages before it gains recognition. Stage 1- Brand Evaluation Brand evaluation […]