Automotive Transportation Options – What to Consider

When there is a need to move long distances, you get confused as to whether to drive it yourself or ship it across the country. The easiest way to conclude is to calculate the cost involved in different methods of transporting and consider the wear and tear of your car as well as the time you need to invest in the process. 

Driving Your Car

When compared to shipping your car, you can save some money when you drive it on your own. However, you may end up with unwanted expenses at the end of your trip. This means, you have to pay for the accommodations, meals, and taking breaks in coffee shops to get refreshed, and these are in addition to the gas expenses. 

Long-distance drives also include the possibility of damaging your cars like windshield chips, blown tires, and such. There are also chances of breakdowns on your way and life on the road won’t be that fun. You will also have to spend hundreds of dollars to set the wear and tear that happened to your car. 

If you consider shipping will be the best solution for the safe transport of your vehicle, get a free quote from Ship a Car, Inc. which is doing nationwide door-to-door shipping services. With one call to them, rest assured, you can peacefully take care of your other duties and get the delivery to your location safely and on time. 

Open And Enclosed Transport

Open transport is suitable for any type of vehicle and works out cheaper and easy to book. You can go with this option if you are having standard cars or used ones. In this option, the cars, around 7 to 10, will be transported simultaneously on a long two-level trailer. 

However, your car will be exposed to dust and weather conditions while in transit since they are shipped in an open space. 

On the other hand, if you choose the enclosed transport, your car will be shipped via a fully enclosed trailer. This means, transporting assures safety and protection to your vehicle. 

If you are having a new or vintage or collectible vehicle, this can be the best way to transport it across the country. However, this can be more expensive as only a few cars are shipped at a time. 


If you choose open transport, it will cost you $610 for travelling up to 500 miles. It will be around $1100 for up to 1500 miles and $1300 to cover a distance of 2000 miles. 

On the other hand, if you opt for enclosed transport, it will be $880, $1600, and $1,780 respectively to cover the distances. 

Factors To Consider

When you decide to ship your car, you will want a good shipping experience. There are so many shipping companies. Shop around and ask them questions regarding transporting. Get quotes from the selected companies. Compare them and choose one that gives you the best service. 

  • To save the shipping cost, avoid booking during the peak season.
  • Reputed shipping companies give you regular updates via email or phone. So, you can relax until your vehicle comes to the destination.