The ‘Rule of Law’ Promotes Liberty or Fosters Tyranny – The Treatment Depends

Frequently you hear that we’re ruled by laws and regulations – not by men. That suggests the laws and regulations are simply and safeguard our liberty, whereas men (and ladies) rule when chance arises to their personal interests with disbenefit to other people. But, obviously, laws and regulations are constantly produced and modified by women and men for everyone their interests. So, bad laws and regulations that may tyrannize many people should be expected.

Then, just when was the ‘rule of law’ promoting liberty and never fostering tyranny? It will then when it safeguards our unalienable legal rights through court processes that preserve them for everyone.

The liberty that people seek is actually liberty. Liberty is freedom restrained and preserved through law. It guarantees our unalienable legal rights (our liberties) that are self-apparent ‘rights’ baked into the psyche of individual. They arise from his nature and therefore are constant.

America’s Promise of Independence founded the U.S. like a government whose purpose would be to secure the unalienable legal rights of existence, liberty, and happiness for everyone. Included in this are a person’s to self-determination, to possess property, to parent his child, to pursue whatever profession or enterprise he wishes, amongst others.

The laws and regulations that your country devises are man-made laws and regulations so that they are susceptible to the whims, interests, and errors of individuals that make up the laws and regulations and also the rules through which they are transported out. Good laws and regulations are individuals that secure the unalienable legal rights for everyone. But the strength of special interest groups can frequently pervert laws and regulations jeopardizing or denying legal rights of some.

Bad laws and regulations were expected by our founding fathers who have been tyrannized by England’s management of them as colonials. Additionally they recognized that laws and regulations deteriorate with time as special interest groups grow an excessive amount of in influence and control within governmental matters.

Trying to guarantee our legal rights from the government, the founding fathers produced the balance of Legal rights (now complemented by further amendments) which presupposed to express a lot of our legal rights and restrict government violation of these. Such legal rights aren’t susceptible to be voted lower they are to become guaranteed only. They create us a republic and never a pure democracy susceptible to tyrannical factions.

We each confront the laws and regulations in our land whenever we visit court either like a defendant from the condition or like a litigant inside a civil suit. So courts are in which the ‘rubber meets the road’ – i.e. where you discover in case your government is securing your inalienable legal rights or otherwise. It is the judicial system using its rules and procedures that determine whether your legal rights are safe – or otherwise.

*To trial by informed jury as protection against corrupt judicial processes and bad laws and regulations:

Due to judiciary’s unique position of authority within the laws and regulations and it is rules, the founding fathers believed so that it is most susceptible to perverting this is of excellent laws and regulations and forging bad processes under their very own or others’ special interests. To counter the exclusive charge of the judiciary through the judicial elite, an effort by an educated jury was included in the balance of Legal rights even where merely a substantial amount of cash was on the line inside a trial.