2022 office trends you need to know about

white corner desk

2022 is upon us and brings with it a great many things – especially for businesses. After months and months of staying at home, more people are considering coming back into the office. There is a lot to consider; Will it be safe? Is it worth coming to work if I can perform most of my work from home? 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, new design trends have come become popular to answer these questions and meet the needs of today’s workforce. 

So, to help you stay ahead of the curve, here are the top design trends of 2022 that you need to know about. 

Adaptable Environment 

If there’s one thing that the pandemic, it’s that the world can change in the blink of an eye. While the likelihood of something of this magnitude happening again is slight, there is still a chance something similar could happen. So, how can you be prepared? 

Start by hiring the services of a facilities management company. They can provide a number of services that can help with the current pandemic, as well as any other future crisis. Today, they can provide cleaning services to ensure that your staff are safe and feel comfortable coming back to work once more. 

Should government restrictions change, a facilities management company can help to redesign your space so that you are in compliance with any new regulations. 

Varied Working Spaces

Stale desks, overly bright fluorescent lighting, old chairs, and awkward desks won’t cut it anymore. If you want your employees to be comfortable, and productive, you need to add some variety to your office space. 

You will need desks, of course. By why not add a few standing desks too? Perhaps a co-working area where creative teams can collaborate with ease? Consult your staff, see what their needs are, and try to make your space varied and engaging – they’re sure to appreciate it. 

Comforts of Home

On the subject of varied spaces, why not introduce some comforts from home? This could be an area with sofas and cushions, perhaps some lamps with softer lighting, or even a plant or two. If the office feels a little more like home, why wouldn’t your employees want to spend more time there? 

Smart Offices 

Smart features such as sensor lights, and contactless switches can help minimise the contact your staff have with certain surfaces and help you save money in the process! So, why not see what smart features you can bring into your workplace? 

Final Thoughts

Whilst there are plenty more trends that we haven’t mentioned, there are certainly some of the most prominent. If you’re unsure of what trends to incorporate, why not speak to your staff? 

After all, if the aim is to help them to be more productive, who better to ask than those who will get the most out of it?