6 Reasons to Take a Part Time Job After Retirement

If you’ve quit your full-time job in retirement, you may be missing the day-to-day bustle or even the paycheck. There are many benefits to working a part-time job vs. a full-time job during your retirement years. Many retirees will work part-time to grow their savings or even for the mental stimulation of going to work. Working part-time can be a desirable option for those who want to retire but still have a supplemental income. Let’s get into the six reasons you should take a part-time job after retirement!

Reason #1: Social Time

Today, many Americans are choosing to work past 65. It may be due to inflation, insufficient savings, or simply missing the work lifestyle. Many 65-year old’s have a lot of choices to make during this time, such as how Medicare will work if they’re still working. Visit boomerbenefits.com/medicare-while-working for more information on how your coverage will work with Medicare

If you’ve retired and are thinking of getting a part-time job, have you thought about the social aspects? Retirement can be lonely, and if you’re a person that likes to be around people all day – this would be great for you! You’ll have coworkers and/or clients to keep up with each week.

Reason #2: You Don’t Have Enough Savings

Many Americans get to retirement and realize that they do not have enough savings. If you’re in that boat, picking up a part-time job can help supplement your savings and Social Security benefits. That way, you don’t have the anxiety that you will run out too soon. If you feel that a part-time job can help you continue saving effectively – go for it!

Reason #3: You’re Under the Medicare Enrollment Age

If you’re retired, and under 65, which is the age you become eligible for Medicare, you may still need employer health insurance. It tends to be expensive when you buy health insurance outside of an employer-covered plan. Even working part-time for a company can help you save lots of money on insurance costs each month. Certain part-time companies offer good health insurance to their part-time employees. These companies include UPS, Costco, Starbucks, and Lowes. If you Google “employers who offer health insurance benefits for part-time employees,” you can find more information.

Reason #4: You Can Continue to Pursue the Work You Love

If you have entered retirement time but feel like you still have more to give the world, this can be an excellent opportunity to pursue that through a part-time job! Or maybe there was a job you loved that you couldn’t do in your full-time career because it didn’t pay enough. You can still pursue it. Maybe you wanted to be a yoga instructor, but it only paid $15 an hour, go for it now!

Reason #5: New Challenges

After a while in retirement, you may realize that you’re not challenging yourself or your mind enough. Sleeping in and having a bunch of free time is great, but it can get mundane. Having a part-time job gives you the ability to keep your mind and reasoning abilities active. Even if your part-time job is a movie teller, you will likely have problems arise, and you must solve them.

Reason #6: Work Around Your Schedule

A considerable benefit of having a part-time job is setting your schedule. When you work 40+ hours a week, there’s very little time to do anything else. A part-time job allows you to keep your leisure time and plan the days and hours you want to work. You may even only have to work half the year. This makes it easy to pursue the things you love, go on vacations, and still relax.


There are many great reasons to take up a part-time job in retirement. If it mixes well with your schedule and the benefits seem appealing to you, go ahead, and fill out some applications. The work-life balance, ability to continue to make money, and social aspect encourage many Americans to get a part-time job in retirement.