Alkaline Fuel Cell Power to Introduce Commercially Available Hydrogen Fuel Cells in 2024

The world’s current demand for emission free technology is exceeding supply, and existing technology is simply not sufficient to fulfil the demands of the market. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power” is working on a prototype for their first full 4 kW hydrogen fuel cell system, expected to be commercially accessible in 2024.

In Europe, clean energy is a key focus. The government and capital providers have introduced legislation that calls for action in regards to cleaner energy. Unfortunately, existing hydrogen fuel cell energy storage technology options are too costly to enter the household market. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power micro-CHPs, on the other hand, were designed to have lower material costs than the currently existing technology, making them more appealing to the consumer market. Based on alkaline fuel cell technology, Alkaline Fuel Cell Power has designed hydrogen-powered micro-CHP devices. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s fuel cells are made of components using primarily nickel, graphite, and plastic, which results in a low production cost and a lower end price for the consumer.

Hydrogen fuel is a massive source of business, the global market size for this greener energy source is estimated to be over USD 100 billion. Clean hydrogen, according to analysts, may supply 24% of global energy needs by 2050. Hydrogen fuel cells are tiny power plants that use this fuel to generate electricity and heat for a variety of applications. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s innovations are aimed towards the home and small-scale commercial power sectors.

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s hydrogen-powered alkaline fuel cell technology stands out from the developments made by other manufacturers because of its unique and competitive component design. Hydrogen adoption is currently limited, but there are great plans for it as a cleaner energy source since hydrogen fuel cells do not require combustion, are almost silent, do not vibrate, and the sole by-product is pure water.