Are you in an interior decoration business? Look at these home-office design tips

Do you plan to build a home office? It does not matter if you work there for the entire week or just a few hours. Your home office should be comfortable and welcoming so that you can relax and get work done. We have best office decor ideas to help you create a functional and beautiful home office design.

Allow enough space

You need to have enough space for your workstation. To avoid this, use the same key measurements that professional designers use to lay out a workstation – allow at least 150 cm in width and 210 cm in depth. A home office with an adjustable height desk is ideal.

Location is the key

There are many sizes and shapes of home offices. You can have it in a separate space, or in a quiet corner. You must consider where and when your work is done before you choose the best place for your home office. A kitchen desk is a great place if you are a busy mom. If you are a professional, you will want to choose a space away from the chaos. Whatever the location, Foyr Neo makes your efforts easier. It lets you design the office space, furniture, environment according to your requirements.

Choose a desk and chair

It is important to choose the right chair and desk for your home office. A desk should be large enough to accommodate your computer and any other items you need for work. Your desk should be minimum 48 inches in width. If you only have a laptop, you can adjust with less. Most people find that 60 inches or more is the most comfortable.

Storage and Shelving

When designing a home office, storage is often overlooked. This can seriously affect your productivity. You should have enough shelves, filing cabinets to store your stuff. Think about your workflow. Locate your filing system nearby. If you have manuals, catalogues, or reference books, place a shelf next to your desk. Are there customers or clients who will be visiting you during the day? It is a great idea to have a small meeting space. You can use as few as two chairs to bring comfort to your desk.

Home office lighting

Lighting is essential for any home office. If possible, choose a spot light. Your desk should face the windows, or be in an area where you will not have to worry about natural lighting. Translucent shades for windows can reduce glare and darken your room without making it darker. A mirror can be used to enhance natural light. You can also use a pair of floor lamps with open tops in the corners of your space.

Create a floor plan

A floor plan can be a great way to organize your thoughts and ensure you have covered all bases. You can create a floor plan and furniture layout easily online with Foyr Neo. You can test different furniture pieces to determine the best place in your home. Before you shop for furniture, design your home office. Style is not to be sacrificed. You can choose how your home office should look and feel. Your home office should match the style and design of your home. Consider what inspires and motivates you.