Checklist Before Going on Your First Lockdown Road Trip

2020 has seen many countries urgently implementlockdown mandates and social distancing protocols to limit the spread of the COVID-19 and end the pandemic. However, as viruses mutate and often become more contagious, the lockdown and quarantine measures stayed in place for most of the year. 

Thankfully, researchers and scientists created vaccines that can help increase people’s immunity against the COVID-19 virus. In the later months of 2020, some countries have started inoculating their citizens, and by the early months of 2021, most governments have rolled out their vaccination programs for their people. 

The continuous implementation of social distancing measures and the vaccination rollout have seen a decline in the number of individuals contracting the virus. This has given people hope that the health crisis may end. Furthermore, some countries have also eased their travel and quarantine restrictions, allowing their citizens to travel to domestic and international destinations. 

In the Philippines, the government has downgraded the quarantine status of different cities and municipalities, enabling Filipinos to conduct more activities. People can now do much of their pre-pandemic activities while still implementing minimum safety measures, such as wearing masks and staying one meter away from another. 

Since many Filipinos have been stuck at home, some celebrate the easing of quarantine measures by planning their road trips. 

But before embarking on a road trip, travelers must ensure that they are well-prepared for their trip. Essentially, going on a road trip is not a simple undertaking, particularly during a pandemic. It is crucial to ensure that they pack everything they need and inspect all that needs to be checked. 

Filipinos need to prepare themselves and their vehicle before hitting the road. They should conduct component checks and maintenance on their motorbike or car to safeguard that every component and system is functioning well. This can prevent inconvenience or accidents resulting from mechanical problems. 

Apart from ensuring that their vehicles are in optimal condition, drivers must protect their cars and motorbikes. Car owners can acquirecar insurance Philippinesto gain financial protection against loss or damage from collision incidents. Meanwhile, motorbike riders can also ensure financial security for their motor vehicles by purchasing motorcycle insurance Philippines

When these are accomplished, they must plan their road trip route and stops and book their accommodations before starting their trip. In addition, they need to pack pandemic-essential items, such as masks, sanitizers, face and body cleaning wipes, and disinfectant wipes for devices.

This infographic by details what you must include in your checklist before going on your first lockdown road trip.