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The heart of every blog is the individual articles. The blog can look so good, if the articles do not inspire the reader and pull in the blog, then the first-time visitors will not be a regular reader. You can write papers for money now and get the solutions. This article will give hints and tips on how to write articles that interest the reader and make him to read on the blog and, above all, come back.

  • The topic
  • advertising

Before the first word is ever written, one should get a sense of what might delight their readers. Blogging for a while, you have a good look at the data of the previous article:

  • Which articles have been read the most?
  • Which posts got the most comments?
  • Which contributions did most backlinks get?
  • Which posts have been the most voted on social sites?

So you should not just analyze a number (e.g. the views). Of course, a lot of votes on social websites also help with the marketing. That in turn brings more readers. Straight comments can be a very good indicator of popular topics. Because when a reader comments on an article, then the topic already occupies him more or less strongly. You can also often leave comments on social websites. Who eg on or hype! has received many comments, has hit the nerve of the readers there.

Posts that inspire readers

Google Analytics also offers very good opportunities for analysis. There you can see, for example, how many readers have left the blog after reading an article. 

  • The lower this bounce rate, the better.
  • Because that’s exactly what we want: articles that make the reader read on.
  • But at some point, a good blogger will develop a sense of what arrives at his readers and what does not.
  • In the end, it sure makes a mix of analysis and feeling.
  • If the topic is clear, then it goes to the actual post.

The headline

The headline is very important when it comes to getting the readers excited. It is usually the first thing a new reader gets to see. Many users quickly scan your feedreader or social sites and just look at their headlines.

The text

Of course, the text should also make its contribution to inspire the reader. Rather than boringly listing a few facts, one should use one or more of the following techniques:

Interesting construction

Structure your articles so that a good reading flow is guaranteed. This means short paragraphs, bulleted lists, subheadings, good spelling. In addition, you should summarize at the beginning of the most important of the article, including your basic statement. Then you go through the topic step by step and show how you came to your basic message.