Does Travel Insurance Pay For Cancelled Flights?

As a result of the COVID pandemic, plane travel has become much more challenging to arrange. Tickets that had been booked in advance have been canceled either by the airline itself due to the shutdown or by you because of your concern about the possibility of infection. If the airlines cancel their flights, they will provide you with credit shells to safeguard the amount of money you spent on your reservation.

Within the following 12 months, you are permitted to use the credit shell to make a flight reservation. On the other hand, if you choose to cancel your flight, you will forfeit the money paid for your reservation. This is when a flight cancellation insurance policy comes in useful, and people get the answers for does travel insurance pay for cancelled flights?

What exactly does a flight cancellation insurance policy cover?

Customer happiness is paramount, and to ensure that consumers get the highest level of satisfaction possible, several online travel agencies are now providing flight cancellation insurance when you purchase your airline tickets via them. If you must cancel your flight due to an unexpected circumstance before your departure, you will get a full refund of your money. The cost is reasonable, and by investing a few hundred dollars, you may ensure that your booking money is protected in the event of a cancellation.

What’s in the fine print

Even though the flight cancellation insurance seems to be straightforward and handy in a potential cancellation, there is always a tiny print connected to it. Checking for and comprehending the small print is critical to ensuring that you get the most out of your money and that you do not get bogged down in technicalities when it comes time to make a claim. To avoid falling into traps and benefit from travel insurance annual plan promotion while purchasing flight cancellation insurance, it is necessary to scrutinise the fine print.

 Consider some of the more minor elements on the cover that you may otherwise overlook.

  • In the present pandemic, when many people are cancelling their trip plans to avoid travelling, it is possible that the cover may not function.
  • It is your responsibility to pay the price difference if there is one if you cancel and reschedule your flight after it has been booked.
  • The convenience charge and the cancellation cover premium that you have paid are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • You will most likely be covered if you cancel your trip at least 24 hours before the planned departure time.

Is the price of the cover worth it?

If you are travelling domestically and visiting family and relatives inside India, flight cancellation insurance may be an excellent way to protect yourself against the possibility of cancellations of flights.

The insurance cost is modest and inexpensive, and you will not incur any cancellation fees on your airline reservations. It is recommended that you read the small print on the cover before purchasing the book, as stated above. Furthermore, the extent of the insurance is restricted. It is not recommended that you book an overseas flight since the coverage is inadequate.

Travel insurance policies provide coverage for medical emergencies and luggage loss, which is essential for every traveller. Plans that offer a broad breadth of coverage and are better suited for foreign travel are available via travel insurance companies.


Travel arrangements are a complete disaster during this pandemic, when the danger of illness and the possibility of a lockdown may prohibit you from travelling. If you need to travel urgently, buy your tickets only when you are sure that you can go. If your trip plans have been confirmed, purchasing airline cancellation insurance would be a waste of money. However, if you still need financial protection against cancellation or hospital income, you might consider purchasing travel insurance, which provides a broader range of coverage.