Facts That Every Trader Must Know About Exness Forex As A Forex Broker Platform

Exness broker is an eleven-year-old brokerage platform and its services are enjoyed by many traders. There are reasons why exness broker is considered as a fair play in the forex broker market. Ever since its existence, the services have had occasions where the currencies dropped as thousands of pips, high slippages and gaps causing a lot of client traders to lose. But this is where exness is different from others as it compensated in millions for the losses of its traders. Exness is the richest platform out there making them enough and reliable. They have acquired the CySEC and FCA regulation that increases their credibility. It has stood at the top of the list ever since 2015. The services and mode of operations are as transparent as it can get. All the information on them can be easily found on their website that is dedicated to showing figures such as trade volumes, clients deposit, company funds, number of active clients, etc. A brokerage platform needs to be transparent about its financial situation as it helps the trader to asses if they should or should not choose one platform over the other.

Spread, commissions and the types of exness accounts

 Exness has the lowest commission record among all brokers. It offers four types of accounts to its clients but does not charge an extra commission for any account over the other. There are no hidden fees involved, the trader is required to pay for the spreads that start from 0.1 pip. Their classic account is the lowest spread charging account. They offer the liberty to trade without putting up a minimum deposit limitation.

The four types of account available in exness are as follows:

  1. cent
  2. mini
  3. classic
  4. ECN

It is important to read more about each account type, to figure the most suitable one. It is agreed that the cent account type is best for beginners. It lets the trader to start with small deposits and has a low margin of requirements. Professional traders tend to do better with the mini and classic account types. They are good for long term trading.

It is important to know as much about a forex brokerage platform before deciding on them.

Traders should never make a blind decision when it comes to choosing brokers for forex trading. It is crucial to do an in-depth study, compare analytical data between two brokerage platform before deciding on them. If you are keen on the exness forex brokers and eager to know more about them visit the bus forex website that provides an in-depth review about the same. Play smart and play aware!