How to diversify your social media content to keep your audience engaged

Keeping your audience engaged is the key to digital marketing success. The need to diversify social media content is more relevant than ever before, as platforms are constantly changing and evolving how audiences consume content. With endless pieces of content flooding our feeds, diversity isit’s a crucial factor in developing an online presence, increasing brand recognition and creating new business opportunities.

The public relations experts at Adoni Media have some top tips on how to keep your audiences engaged through your digital marketing strategy. 

Know your audiences 

It is easy to share the same content across all social media platforms, but it may not be effective. Each platform has a unique purpose and communicates to a different audience. Utilise social media data and insights tools to understand your audience’s interests, needs, and attitudes on different platforms. T as this will help you create more effective and relevant content.

Determine the best use for different platforms

Although your business may be across multiple platforms, the content on eachy doesn’t have to have the same theme, content or tone. Your audience should be able to go to different platforms and receive different kinds of content. Take time to determine how to use your different social media platforms to your advantage. 

Create new content 

Avoid repeating popular content as it can decrease audience engagement. It’s important to have a range of topics and posts so that you can add value through your content. Sharing information of topical news stories is a great way to engage your audience and establish your business as an expert in the its industry. Make it your own by providing a new perspective, comment or opinion on the topic.

Change the format of your content 

Each social media platform uses different forms of content to communicate to different audiences. Constructing a 140-character tweet to deliver your message is very different to sharing a video or article on FacebookLinkedIn. Experimenting with different formats on different platforms will keep your content interesting and will allow you to reach a wider audience.