How Your Office Can Save Money by Going Green

Climate change and environmental damage are a big worry to us all. We all bear responsibility for reducing our impact at home and at work. It’s not all doom and gloom, though! Going green can be a great opportunity to review your business practices and save lots of money along the way. Have you thought about making any of the changes below?

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Remote Working

How much could you save in energy and money by adopting modern working practices? If you are still expecting all your employees to travel to your office every day, you are missing out. Encourage your employees to work remotely from their own homes, using video conferencing and networking tools. Switch from a ‘one person, one desk’ model to a hot-desking model, and suddenly you can expand your team without needing a bigger building or more parking spots. You might even be able to rent a smaller office. Remote working could reduce your energy bills, coffee tea and milk bills, as well as reduce your employees travel costs and the amount of fuel they use.

Green Energy

Whether you own your building and install solar panels or are in a remote and windy spot perfect for wind turbines or are in a city centre small office, green energy could save you money. The ‘Green Deal’ offered by the UK government could fund improvements to your building to save energy and money.

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Look for Greener Suppliers

Rather than buying that new operator chair and everything else your business needs from traditional suppliers with energy-consuming showrooms everywhere, opt for firms which are primarily online-focused such as Best Buy Office Chairs.

The same principle applies to all suppliers. Take a look at the environmental credentials of each before engaging with them.

Try Exploring Other Options

Could you swap your copier paper for 100% recycled paper? Are all your light bulbs energy-saving LEDs? Could you swap plastic disposable cups for bioplastic compostable cups? There are new cost-effective and greener alternatives appearing on the market every day.

Keeping an eye on the green alternatives in transport, food, energy, heating and products can help you do the right thing for the planet and actually help your business to cut costs in ways that benefit your employees as we..

You can also go green by reducing the amount of paper you use. Not sure where to start? Determine which manual paper methods you’re currently using are able to transition to online solutions. For example, if you’re currently tracking employee work hours using paper time cards then an online time clock is a great option. No more having to worry about employees writing their time wrong or them fudging the numbers as a time clock tracks all employee hours down to the second.