Is there any freelance tax applies to freelancer?

Yes, the Freelance tax [ภาษี ฟรี แลน ซ์, which is the term in Thai] is applied for those freelancer who earn more than a taxable limit. So, if a person is earning 150000 baht per year needs to pay the tax. And a person who earns less than 26000 baht a month need not pay the tax. But they must have to file tax if that person has salary of more than 10000. Or the total income is more than 60000 per month.

These are the basic tax things that any freelance need to pay. There is no need for another type of tax is applied to the freelancer. Any pay the tax on time otherwise there is also fine is applied on the tax amount. So, pay the tax amount on time and avoid getting penalty.

Get all the information before doing any work

After the taxable amount on freelance the most important thing that every freelancer should do this. That they should ask for a proper Work briefing [บรีฟงาน, which is the term in Thai] before starting any work. A proper work briefing is necessary in order to start any work. Because there are many things that a freelancer will not understand after starting the work. And it also doesn’t look good of asking every now and then. So, always get a proper briefing of any work. By that one doesn’t need to ask every now and then to their boss.

Always be polite to the hiring person

Politeness is also a key to get new works from the hiring person. If someone is polite enough and do the work on time. Then the chances of that person will be hired again is very high. So, be very polite towards the hiring person.