SEO Tools That Work

Have you ever stopped to think about how Google sees your website? Generally, we are committed to a simple design so that our site is functional and, since last April, also to have a responsive website that is displayed correctly on any mobile device. But when Google visits us, the version you get from our website is very different. In addition to design, to achieve the desired positioning, it is necessary to quickly develop issues related to programming, content generation, and the development of a marketing strategy adequate. Fundamental qualities, which every SEO technician must have, to make a website not only attractive to the user but also the robots of the leading search engine in the market.

Frequent changes to the Google algorithm make work difficult, and it is essential to know how the search engine browses our website. Optimizing and improving the structure of the page facilitates the indexing of information by the search giant’s robots. Also, other types of actions, both on-page (within the website itself) and off-page (outside it) are essential to improve the organic positioning of a particular site.

SEO Tools

The work environment of an SEO technician is enormously changing, and you must display your magic, adapting to the changes, to get your strategy to fruition. The wide range of tools available on the Internet can be compared to the magician’s hat, but not all of them are effective, and sometimes they can waste valuable time. In internet marketing agency Bangkok, we want to present some of the most reliable and exciting SEO tools on the market.

Google Keyword Planner: This tool, integrated into Google AdWords, allows us to know which keywords are best suited to implement a web positioning strategy. It is entirely free and to access it, and you will only have to create an account in #AdWords. But it is not only efficient to choose the keywords of an SEM strategy, but SEO professionals can also get a lot of juice. The main benefit of this planner is that it allows you to know the volume of searches for a particular keyword, also segmenting the search to your needs. That is, you can search for information based on the location you are interested in, the language of the searches, remove negative keywords, etc. In addition to information related to search volume, It will offer you a new list of suggestions with related keywords. This Google service is entirely free.

Majestic SEO: It allows you to analyze the backlinks and link building actions performed on a website. It offers beneficial information about the anchor text on which the link was framed, the date it was produced, and the relevance of the page from which it was made. You can obtain a history of links, as well as the most recent ones that have been detected. You can have this tool for free, but to access the bulk of the information, you need to scratch your pocket.

MOZ Toolkit: It is, without a doubt, one of the complete tools to support an SEO strategy. Through its use, you can analyze the evolution of the different keywords, get relevant information about your competition, examine the structure of your website, know the relevance of your brand in social networks or know the traffic generated by each of your keywords when linking your account with Google Analytics. To enjoy all the possibilities offered by MOZ, you must go through the box.