Six great ideas for your next corporate party

To make your next corporate party memorable, you need to think outside the box. Getting the right balance between fun and professional is important. Here are some inspiring suggestions.

1. Go outdoors

Let your employees try something new, such as orienteering or kayaking, or host an event outdoors. Fun activities in the elements can still be work-appropriate while allowing participants to take risks and relax. Make sure to guarantee disabled access.

2. Plan a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts promote team-building and are fun. Think about using a wide area so that teams seek clues at landmarks across the city. Ask for selfies as proof of making it.

Scavenger hunts have the advantage of familiarising employees with a new city and the local sights.

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3. Use an escape room

Escape rooms are on trend and have the attraction of novelty. The emphasis is on teamwork as workers need to solve puzzles together to get out; employees can develop skills that are transferable to the office. Often rooms have themes, such as popular films or books.

4. Cooking competitions

Cooking competitions are cheaper than expensive corporate catering. You could try cake bake-offs, pie bake-offs or chili cook-offs, offering enticing prizes to attract staff. Employees may reveal talents that are hidden at work, and as a bonus, people get the chance to sample the dishes created.

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5. Hold a costume contest

This sort of fun contest allows staff creativity to shine. While Halloween yields typical inspiration, you can also pursue themes all year-round, such as your favourite show or celebrating a particular decade.

Offer inspiring prizes to boost participation, and provide a stage area where people can display their costumes. Encourage audience togetherness by asking employees to cheer the person with the best get-up.

6. Visit a brewery or winery

This type of trip ensures that alcohol stays work-appropriate. It is likely to introduce employees to something new, becoming tourists in their own area. Free tastings add to the bonhomie.

You could hold a raffle with prizes of fine wine or port glasses to entice employees.