Some Success Tips For Sworn Document Translation

The translation of official documents in the document translator (penerjemah dokumen which is the term in Thai), technically called sworn translation or public translation, is much sought after. It is essential for those who want to travel to other countries, whether for work, studies, or leisure, to avoid any bureaucratic problem.

What Can I Do To Obtain A Sworn Translation Of Quality Documents?

1 – Register At The Board Of Trade Of Your State

The first point, which is mandatory, is that the translator registers with the commercial registry of the state in which he/she works. Otherwise, he will not be authorized to proceed with the sworn document translation service.

This happens because such professionals need to receive public faith, authentication that their actions are proper. It is as if the translator proves that that document has legal validity without going to court to do so.

However, to enroll, it is necessary to be approved in a public competition organized by the board of trade of your state. This body can be contacted for more information about the process. However, it is essential to know that such contests do not happen so often; it is essential to pay attention to possible entries.

2 – Have A Thorough Knowledge Of The Source And Target Languages

The sworn translation of documents is not necessarily more important than the others since each has its particularities. Still, it is a fact that the sworn translators’ responsibility is tremendous.

In addition to dealing with sensitive documents, any error, however small, can completely undermine the purpose of the translation, which means that complete knowledge of the two languages ​​involved is indispensable.

It also helps to understand why the selection of newly sworn translators is so strict. It is mandatory to ensure your complete knowledge of the languages ​​to avoid further problems.