The Best Product Expansion Joint Material Of Waterstop

VEDA France is one of the best product of the water stop system. This expansion joint material of waterstop products are available in nitrile or flexible PVC (Vedaflex), elastomers which display different characteristics. Nitrile water stops are characterized by a higher breaking point when stretched, excellent resistance to chemical agents as well as to aging, and permanent elasticity that is comparable to that of rubber. Welded joints are thus very easy to produce. Flexible PVC water stops offer an economical solution, as they are made from basic but nonetheless high-quality raw materials.

Two Common Types Of Expansion Joint Waterstop

There are two common types of expansion joint water stop the following:

  • Internal water stops (D range): These are laid inside the concrete elements. External water stops (AD range): These are laid on the surface or periphery of the structures, at the bottom of the formwork. Both types are used to waterproof expansion joints in the ground that are subjected to pressurized water.
  • Although, it is using the AD expansion joint water stopis preferred because it is much easier to lay. It can be welded to each other on-site using a hot knife and it can also be done in the factory. The conditions are strictly controlled.
  • Expansion joint waterstopproducts are black and come in various shapes to suit their intended application. Welding materials such as hatchets, hot knives or clamps and these are also available on request.

Waterproof product

  • The hydrophilic seal strip ensures the waterproof qualities of construction joints in buildings and as well as in the ground, in contact with water, whether pressurized or not. It is used in concrete construction joints by acting as a barrier to water seeping through. This is achieved the swelling of the strip cast in the concrete when it is coming into contact with water. The swelling against the contact faces surrounding the strip produces a pressure between the strip and its enclosure that prevents the water seeping through the joint. The strip swelling is reversible. In the absence of water, it dries out and regains its original shape.
  • VEDASWELL Sealant is a hydrophilic waterproof sealant that can be applied in a wet environment. it is applied using a normal sealant gun and its volume when absorbing water. It provides excellent waterproof performance without even losing its elastic properties.