The most used form of communication and expression-  Speech and language

The biggest advantage that humans have over any animal kind is that they have different means of communication. Like for example, animals generally communicate with one another wither through signs or voice. But humans have many different types of communication skills. Humans can communicate with each other through the use of language. But there are other forms of communication methods available as well, like speech, songs, dances, art, etc. However, the most prominent form of communication method is surely language and speech. Language is what makes humans better at communicating than any other animal.

The problem with language- Lack of homogeneity across the globe

Now there is one problem with language and speech of humans. Language is a very dynamic concept, and it is not stagnant. You will not find any homogeneity in language. In fact, language is one of the most diverse concepts. A language changes over time. With different regions as well, you can find different forms of language. The change in the language can be attributed to many different factors like culture, societal structure, anthropological factors, etc. However, the one language that has been accepted as the international language for communication and formal work is English. English is the most widely recognized official language of the world. And to have a better prospect at the highest level of trade and formal work, it is important that you have an understanding of English. With proper English knowledge, you can apply for higher education in western countries, apply for jobs in multinational companies, etc. Thus English is not only an important factor in your day to day life with regular formal work, but it holds the key to achieve recognition at the world level.

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