Top 6 Most Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions For Canadian Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs seize every opportunity to lower their taxes. This includes making the most of their tax deductions during the tax season. 

Business expenses, also referred to as deductions, are the costs an enterprise incurs in the daily operations of their business. Businesses subtracted these from their gross income when calculating their taxable income. 

Many business owners want to maximize their business tax deductions. Writing off deductible expenses can help businesses reduce their tax liability and improve cash flow. However, not all entrepreneurs know the many business expenses that qualify as legitimate Canadian income tax deductions that could reduce their tax liability.

There are various business expenses that can be categorized as deductible expenses, including business start-up costs, business tax, fees, licenses, and dues, interest and bank charges, insurance, rent, and education and training for employees, which enables them to expand their knowledge and improve their skills. 

Moreover, as deductions can bring down tax liability, businesses need to track their expenses year-round to categorize which ones qualify as income tax deductions effectively. Entrepreneurs can leverage modern small business bookkeeping app to record, monitor, and organize business expenses, streamlining the process of recording tax deductibles. They can also utilize free invoice maker app to manage their accounts payable processes efficiently. 

A tax deduction is a form of tax incentives, like tax exemptions and credits. For a business expense to qualify as a write-off, it must be ordinary as well as necessary to the business’s operations. To ensure that you include all possible business deductibles during tax filing, you may refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website or consult with your accountant about it. 

Apart from the ones mentioned earlier, there are also other tax deductions that business owners often overlook. Such business deductibles include home-based business expenses, vehicle expenses, scientific research and experimental development, and advertising and marketing. To know more about these tax deductions, see this infographic from KIPPIN.

Top 6 Most Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions for Canadian Small Businesses