What is the meaning of TSN technology?

Before knowing about the tsn technology people needs to know about the smart factory. Because it is where TSN technology is being used. Right now, most things are getting connected via the internet. And, factories are also using the internet to become more advance. In industry 3.0 industries started using the internet to collect all the data. But that was very slow. And, industries needed real-time data to know what is going inside the industry. This is where TSN technology is being used. TSN means a time-sensitive network. And, it works on ethernet.

Ethernet is much more powerful than the internet. It can give the speed that the industry needs. And, thus it provides real-time data to the industry which is required by every industry. And, this real-time data and communication are achieved by using time synchronization and schedule which is being shared by network components.  The queues are based on time and because of that TSN ensures maximum bounded latency for scheduled traffic through switch networks. It means the critical schedule communication is always on. That is why most of the industries are switching to TSN technology.


Key benefits of TSN technology

There are many benefits to using TSN technology in any industry. And, some of them are as follows-

  • It gives a guarantee of message latency by switched networks.
  • No need for different networks for critical and non-critical traffic.
  • Real-time data and communication can be done.
  • Integration of sub-system is much easier.
  • The faults in the network can be found easily and repaired faster.
  • No need to adjust the network for adding a new component.
  • It can be used in small and large systems. Without concerning safety and security.


Why not switch to TSN?

Many industries had already started using TSN and they are getting the benefits of it. Use it and start getting the benefits of TSN technology.